Abydjana Tresalus

pronounced like: abby-john-ah

I'm a multi-faceted UX Researcher& Designer focused on intuitive and inclusive design. With my degree in Biopsychology and my experience in the healthcare field, I approach problems with compassion and an eye for detail; delivering results while upholding the integrity of the product and the company, and really connecting with users and with coworkers. Read more

UX Researcher & Designer

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Journey to UX

"I describe my career path as a zigzag, not a ladder"  

-D. Morrison

"Back in my day"

I was born in Haiti but raised in Florida. The women in my life have taught me that anything is possible through compassion, ingenuity, and drive. These lessons have inspired me as a designer to really take the time to know my users and my team, to keep pushing for new ideas and solutions, and most importantly, to always give each project one hundred percent.

"I'm educated!"

With a BS in biopsychology and minor in cognitive brain sciences. I have a strong research and behavioral science background. This drives me to create experiences influenced by research.


"Hem-a-to-logic malignancies"

As a new patient coordinator for Leukemia and Bone marrow transplant team, I developed my love of storytelling and process improvement by listening and connecting with patients I learned about their successes and frustrations with the hospital process. This led to creating a systematic way to triaging patient efficiently.

"I'm moving to Austin y'all!"

I moved to Austin 2018 and decided to pursue a career in UX. The idea of a career driven by empathy, problem-solving and creativity was exactly what I have been searching for. To gain experience, I completed the General Assembly Immersive Design course.

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"Summer Discovery"

During my time as an Internship Coordinator for SD, I networked to recruit new and old companies for summer internships for high school students in the New York City and Boulder, Colorado office. I prepared and conducted in-person and phone placement interviews with each student and company.