Oh So Simple Weddings

Creating an easy to use platform for wedding planners to connect with clients & expand their business in the DIY Market

In recent years, there has been a big shift to DIY Wedding Planning. Couples use wedding websites and social media platforms like Pinterest & Instagram to refine details for their big day.

In 2008, 47% of couples used a traditional planner while only 27% completed a DIY wedding. Flash forward to 2018, the number of DIY Weddings increased to 73%.


Project Details

Stakeholders: Oh So Simple Wedding

Lead: Research, IA, Usability Testing, Presentation

Contributed:  Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping

Duration: 3 Weeks

Tools: Sketch, Invision, Adobe  


Help planners shift with the DIY market by creating a web-based platform for planners to manage clients & tasks and provide on-demand live coaching sessions on an as-needed basis to clients.



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Round 1

3 users who have had general event planning experience

Major Issue

Unable to find the create account CTA (call to action) button


Added a "Create Account" call to action button at top of the page

Version 1

Version 2

Version 2

Added a "Create Account" button under different platform options

Round 2

4 users with wedding and event planning as an occupation

Major Issue

No way to view schedule at a glance and reminders about up coming calls and requests

ossw new client

Added pop-up notifications for upcoming calls and new client request

Included a week view of calendar to dash board and clients page

To ensure that we would obtain quality data from the usability testing, I focused on recruiting active wedding planners and event coordinators. Wedding season was just beginning so it proved to be very difficult to find industry professionals to participate. In efforts to find users/ participants, we tried several types of outreach.


1. We asked people we knew who recently got married for their planners’ contact information

2. Emailed planners that were friends of our stakeholders and cold-called several wedding planner offices

3. We walked to 10 different hotels and asked to speak with their in-house event/ wedding planner- most successful  




Working with planners to complete further iterations of our prototype, we discovered that users found the product to be helpful in their everyday workflow to manage clients and tasks. As for the added feature of the on-demand coaching sessions, all planners agreed that this would bring in additional clients looking for help or guidance on specific subjects. These As- needed clients could easily convert to full time clients overtime.


Stakeholders: The stakeholders are moving forward with our design and on-boarding developers to build the product.


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