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Hello UX...

After pivoting into the UX field, I felt lost. I had completed a Bootcamp and I was ready to embark on the journey of landing my first UX role. During this time, I was applying to jobs, going to meet-ups, having coffee chats, and getting my feet wet in the local UX community. It was soooo overwhelming at times. Once I opened up about my experience, I found others around me felt the same way. I wanted to do something about it!

Thus, HELLO UX was born! During my downtime, I am the co-host and co-founder of the Hello UX podcast. This is a podcast aimed to empower designers and help those transitioning into the UX field by providing education, resources, and a platform to talk about their experiences.

I am excited to have a platform to share my love of creating inclusive experiences. It’s important to me to use my voice to speak on issues within the tech community that affect women and minorities like myself. I’m here to share our voices and our stories to help diversity the design field.