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Cloud5 Website Redesign

Cloud5 Website Redesign

Cloud5 Website Redesign

Website redesign and rebranding for an Austin based startup looking to modernize. Through market research and the use of core design principles; created a consistent and effective brand message that enhanced the branding of products and services that the company offered.

Executive Summary


Cloud5 was an Austin-based digital innovation agency whose mission was to help startups with web & mobile development, digital marketing, and business development. During an ongoing tech boom in Austin, Cloud5 focused on community and aimed to help small businesses succeed. 


With a conscious eye on the business goals, my challenge was to find ways to motivate users to interact with Cloud5’s content and services. 

First, I enumerated the high-level requirements:

  1. Create a website that reflects the brand’s values
  2. Create an intuitive interface that fulfills clients’ needs and converts users into returning customers
  3. Improve accessibility (added later)


Through my redesign I improved the functionality of the navigation bar, including improvements to page-to-page navigation, created a well-defined user flow and addressed issues with responsiveness and accessibility. This would help build brand loyalty and trust, increase customer retention and overall support a greater user experience for clients. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 10.14.04 AM

Before redesign

After Redesign

full case study coming soon...